Startup Advice from an Advice Startup

How to make better calls in 2021.

A year ago, we got to work on a radically simple and immensely difficult venture: to build a platform where you can have five minutes of anyone’s time.

Google solved the information problem.
Wikipedia solved the knowledge problem.
Anyone is solving the advice problem.

We can talk for days about how we’re doing that, and why we believe that a marketplace for five-minute conversations can unlock a completely new way to share valuable advice. But we thought it’d be much more interesting to share the most valuable advice that we’ve gotten so far. In five minutes.

1. Solve for scarcity.

As startups, we learn to begin with the problem we’re solving. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as a mindset, it can easily lead to focusing on specific use cases and behaviours that are symptoms of something else. In short: How can we be sure that the problem is the problem?

2. Nail your narrative.

As startups, we learn to be user-centric. Or is it product-focused? Or maybe talent-driven? Probably all of them. But the thing is, that in order to have any of those things — users that grow the product so that we can hire talent — we first need people to understand what we’re doing.

3. Ask.

As startups, we learn to give answers. This is our moat. This is our flywheel. This is our serviceable addressable market. This is our CAC:LTV ratio. This is our ping pong table — it brings to life our vision of a fun, dynamic and informal environment that supports both work and play.

Building Anyone ☎️

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